I, Kritiapte, am a young man of 25 years of age and I run my business of ready garments in the city of Lucknow. Pune has been an attractive destination for me for a very long time and I keep visiting it from time to time. About a month back, I was in Pune for buying the stock of goods that I needed for my business. One day, I came across one of the Pune independent escorts, who spared no pains in giving me endless sensuous pleasure. I was really tickled pink. In order to know more about it, go through this blog with undivided attention.

The Pune escort whom I met accidentally

After reaching Pune, I decided to stay at a famous Guest House as I had no such acquaintance and relatives here. This place really proved lucky for me as I was able to find a true romantic companion. It was none other than one of the most alluring escorts in Pune, Geet Kulkarni. In fact, she came across my way when I was passing past corridors of the guest house. It was just an infatuation at first sight and I got completely interested in her. She herself told me that she was one of the most famous Pune Call Girls and provides her services to her clients from time to time. I asked her whether she would like to offer me services. She gave her consent at once and was booked for my overnight services.

My lovemaking with escort in Pune

When it got dark, I heard a gentle knocking at the gate. Expecting her to be there, I rushed to the door to unbolt it. Under the tube light of the guest house, she seemed to be glowing. She was so beautiful and magnetising that I do not have sufficient words to throw light on her beauty. With her angelic services, she started loving and caressing me. Her every touch was comforting and soothing that I really felt in seventh heaven. I did not care about any safety measures as she herself took all those things. When she had finished with me, she talked to me for a while discussing many things including Pune escorts services and several other things in the city.

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