Amazing sex in not only confined to being physical, but also stimulation of emotions and imagination.  Everybody craves to enjoy the unexpected thrill of doing something, which is new, exciting and wild. However, if have tried and tested everything beforehand, then you do not need to stop. You may try them again but this time you need to give a twist to it. For example, the missionary position is an old one for many couples. It is very comfortable in bed. Now, you can try it on the front law during wee hours of the morning in order to make it more exciting.

Basically, there are five ways of having better sex life

  • You need sensuous accessories such as different types of sex toys, different types of lingerie, food, bondage equipment and flavoured lubes etc.
  • Setting and themes play a very important role for your sex life. So, you need proper location, role play, fantasy, mood and style. Your sexual desire may range from sensual massage a day to a wild quickie in an elevator.
  • Adopt foreplay for her. Use your fingers, tongue, lips and other parts of your body to sensually explore and lovingly caress her body.
  • Involve yourself into various sex play activities. They may involve many positions as you get to build arousal. Apart from this, there are lots of variations and imaginative positions for you to experiment. Oral and manual pleasures also give lots of fun and enjoyment.
  • Last one is the climax. That means you need to think of how you will finish your sex session. Also think of what activity or what position will result in orgasm.

What you need to do on your own?

You need to create a list of ideas for each of these categories either alone or with your partner. By matching an idea from each group together, you will be able to get all the elements that are required for your frisky fun. Though you may have a large list of your own sexy ideas, you may want an extra source of inspiration. If you are fond of reading then you can take help from the books, which are the best sources for lovemaking ideas.

When you prepared your lists of ingredients for your erotic menu, you need to select a few and surprise your partner with wild blend of pleasure possibilities. Do not think that is very tough work. It is as easy as pie. Do not make sex spontaneous. With a little imagination and planned random sex, you will enjoy more creative lovemaking. So, give it a whirl. Your sex life will never be the same again. Rather, it will be much more fun for you.

Briefly, this was all about how to have better sex with your partner. But, you should also be choosy with the right sexual partner. If your partner does not correspond to your mood, then you will end up being dissatisfied. Pune independent escorts are the right sexual partners for you. They are extremely beautiful, educated, mannered and civilized. They will certainly make your lovemaking an enjoyable thing for you.