Men often make the mistake of treating the Pune escorts with disrespect and then considering them as sex objects. However, a select few clients act as gentlemen and hence receive much more in terms of services from these beautiful women. If you too want to receive more and would like your session to be much more than just you trying to satisfy yourself sexually, you need to impress these women with your style and warmth. One of the best ways to do so is by complimenting the girl on her beauty and nature. Women love hearing their praises, especially genuine appreciation which can make them feel special.

Here are the top 5 compliments that you can give to these women.

The 5 compliments for Pune call girls

  1. You look great- That is the first good compliment that you can give to any woman and she wouldn’t take any offence at all. Just do not start commenting about her sexual parts. Keep it simple and even the best of Pune call girls would be forced to blush on that compliment.

  2. You are funny- More than anything, every woman wants to know that she has the wits and ability to make someone smile or laugh. Smile and laughter can make someone really feel comfortable and these call girls make sure that the client is totally comfortable with them, before spending time with them.

  3. I love your lips/hair/eyes- When you say that, any woman would feel happy. Why wouldn’t she? You have to be specific about your compliments and that is all. Make sure that your compliment is genuine or the Pune independent escort might think that you are trying too hard. Of course, trying too hard would be like being a desperate.

  4. Apart from complimenting on her looks and how funny she is, you can also compliment on how amazing she is by nature and how warmly she receives people. This can be a bit extra but the compliment will do its wonders for sure. Tell her how you would like to spend more time with her and this will make her feel good as well.

  5. Last but not the least, you can tell her she is gifted on the sexual front and that it was the best time of your life till now that you had gotten to spend with her. The Pune call girl escorts will surely value themselves more and will remember your kind words. This can often lead to them giving you something extra in the name of reward- a sexual favour or some minutes extra for added pleasure. So be kind with your words, show gratitude and enjoy even more.

Everyone loves to listen to praises. So do these beautiful escorts in Pune. To enjoy with these ladies, call us now and book an appointment right away.