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I am Kriti, a hot and happening 23 years old girl from Whitefield. I work as an independent escort Whitefield, and I love my job. Well, people have a lot of wrong conceptions about escort industry. They say life becomes hard or rash when women work as escorts. Clients behave rudely and also assault the girls. Well, nothing like these happened to me ever. I met funny, handsome and serious men throughout my journey as professional escort girl. In Whitefield, demand for escort service is rising, and most of my clients are corporate travelers or business travelers. Corporate travelers generally look for fun for a few days, while staying at Whitefield. Of course, this city has a lot of amusements to offer. Uncountable nightclubs, discotheques and theme restaurants are there, where people can spend good time enjoying companionships of partners and friends. As business travelers miss companionship, they choose to opt for the escort girls. It is a naughty idea too as meeting a new girl, completely unknown, is an experience worth relishing for men, I guess. The same happens to me as a girl. Every time, I meet a new client, I feel the adventure and thrill.

Whitefield escorts are extremely sexy and tremendously appealing in whatever they do. My name is Nisha and I am from Whitefield working for one of the reputed and well known Whitefield escort service agencies. Several people would often visit and avail my service every single day and they would treat me in a lot of interesting way that would excite my feelings. This drives me crazy and I feel even more motivated to provide by services to several clients in a really sexy and alluring way. Being a Whitefield escort is truly a wonderful feeling all in all and this entire feeling gets its boost and motivation if Whitefield Escort Service get to witness such incidents which I am going to narrate in the following lines. It all happened on a rainy night when I was returning from my agency back to home. I got a call from an unknown person and I rightly assumed the person as one of the clients who wants to avail my service late at night. Apart from working for an escort agency in Whitefield, I work as one of the most reputed and busiest escorts in Whitefield So as I could hear this man on the phone I found out that he is really depressed. I could easily figure this out by hearing his voice. All he had to ask was nothing but when can I be free to provide him a relaxing service so that he could get rid of his depression and feel happy with his life all over again.

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Being one of the most dedicated and responsible independent Whitefield escorts, I thought of helping this person out as early as possible so I just asked whether he will be able to avail my service right at that moment. He agreed to my proposal and told me that he will be visiting my place after sometime and this man was really polite enough to ask me to take rest a bit as he knew I was going back home after a long tiring day. So I went back home and took some rest and waited for this person to visit. So after some time he came and visited my place. He was really gentleman but all I could figure out that he was in an extreme need of relaxation through certain pleasurable activities that would help him to get rid of all worries in his life. So I being one of the most sensible female escorts in Whitefield tried and understood the importance of this situation and decided to cooperate with him in this particular matter. I initiated my service by providing this person with an erotic body massage and I could observe the amount of relaxation in his face as if he was on the cloud nine.

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Then slowly came the moment when he tried to become a bit more intimate with me and I did not refuse him as I could notice the eagerness within him. He was extremely satisfied to receive an escort in Whitefield service and before leaving my place he inquired about my independent escort Whitefield services as well. I assured him of my availability and I could see this person being really happy and elated. This felt so nice!.

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Whitefield escorts are not only sexy, ravishing and extremely alluring but these escorts in Whitefield are really hard working as they really prove their worth and efficiency by working dedicatedly in order to shine really well in their career path. I can say this with confidence e because on of the female escorts in Whitefield who have seen such scenarios closely and knows the real satisfaction and happiness an escort lady of Whitefield feels while her service get appreciated and admired by several top notch elite clients. Talking of success, satisfaction and hardship, I still remember the day when I was asked for an out call services and that was a business tour and more interestingly that was my first ever out call service that I had enjoyed thoroughly.

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Whitefield Independent Escorts As it was for the very first time I was about to be exposed to a big platform as I was required to accompany my client on a business tour and to take care of the matter whether is satisfied with my service or not. So that was quite a lot of responsibility upon my shoulder and all I knew was that I had to perform excellently well so that my client does not feel left out and disappointed with my service. On earlier dates, during the initial days of my career I had been one of the popular Independent escorts in Whitefield bombshells.

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Independent escorts in Whitefield but I never went out of my city or attended any out call service. So this was really something new and extremely exciting for me. But I had that much confidence in me that helped me to succeed really well in the long run.

Though there are several independent Whitefield escorts but people would still come to me in order to avail my service. So I had never disappointed them with my services and quite similarly I knew that even if it is my first time in the matter of out call service, I simply could not afford to disappoint my client. So I was definitely required to give my best. My client was a successful businessman who has always relied on Whitefield escort service regarding escort services. So I knew that I really have live up to his expectation and I cannot ruin the good reputation and impression my client has got regarding several female escorts in Whitefield. I started accompanying my client right from the very beginning of our tour and gradually came to know that we are going to visit Singapore for one of his meetings. And this made me even more excited as Singapore has always been one of the most favorite places of mine and I had always wished to visit the place.

Now that was like a dream come true for me. Being a responsible Whitefield escort I managed to excelled really well in my assignment and I offered innovative and extremely sexy room services every single day so that he is never bored. My escort in Whitefield out call service was appreciated well by that person and he gifted me my favorite brand of perfumes. This made me really happy and I was happier when he asked for my independent escort Whitefield service the next weekend when he will be at his farmhouse throwing a party. Working as Whitefield escort is not giving cheap prostitution services. Yes, today a lot of agencies run prostitution in the name of escort services. They do not understand the ethics and professionalism. They just loot clients in the name of escort – promising big delivering nothing. Being a posh and happening escort girl, I have always religiously followed the ethics of this industry. Not giving raunchy physical fun, my job is making clients satisfied with my presence. I am friendly in nature, can easily mingle with men and I always have a lot of things to say. So, that makes my clients happy – they enjoy companionship of a talkative, naughty and sexy girl.

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I came to Whitefield for work, and after working as air hostess for 4 years, I started feeling the boredom of my profession. I’m always an adventurous person, and this is why I cannot settle on a job of air hostess. Quitting my job, I started looking for more adventures in life. To add spices to my life, I joined escorts in Whitefield. Well, people would say that such a job is unethical. But, there are enough reasons why I love my job. In this article, I shall share those reasons. I have been working as independent escort Whitefield, and I love every inch of my job. I’m Independent Escort in Whitefield and Self-Esteemed I was working handsomely by working as air hostess, but there was limited space to be independent. My self-esteem was declining with my previous job. The moment I entered this new profession, I find is more interesting, adventurous and thrill. I work independently, earn handsomely and spend money generously to buy all sorts of comforts. My self-esteem has never been hurt while working as escort in Whitefield. I met some fabulous individuals – true gentlemen in every sense. I met handsome hunky men, and enjoyed their companionship. I gave them the pleasure that they exactly wanted, and end of the day I was appreciated.

Satisfying Erotic Passions Every human being has erotic desires, and I am not an exception. Eroticism is an integral part of life, and to stay happy it is always important to explore sexual fun. I never hesitate to meet different men, and try passionate erotic practices with them. Just like men want to have fun with opposite sex, I as a female want to get passionate with steamy and sexy men. My clients appreciate me for my naughty gestures. I’m beautiful, perfectly curvy and sexy. I drive men crazy with my sexy physique. I like to be enjoyed at bed by passionate men